For adults, reading time doesn't take too much of our energy. For kids, however, reading time isn't as easy as learning the ABC song. It is a skill that has to be learned and constantly practiced until a child is confidently able to tell rather than guess the time.

What makes this doubly hard for beginners is the math that is involved. They need to be able to count, at least, up to 60, differentiate the short hand from the long (second) hand, learn the concept of time intervals, convert seconds into minutes into hours, and understand or relate that, for instance, "ten to one" means 12:50 or "quarter past five" means 5:15.

Try out our game for free with your children. You will find that not only is Bang On Time an educational activity for them, it is also quite a fun experience, a great parent-child bonding moment.

Try it out now and let your child learn time the fastest way possible.